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We’re thrilled to introduce Weather Reports, the innovative solution by designed for easy sharing of weather information across the org. Our platform provides you with the tools to create, customize, and distribute detailed weather reports, ensuring that you stay ahead of the weather's impact on your business and community.

Weather Reports enables you to:

  • Automate daily weather reports: Generate reports automatically each day for your team, clients, or public audience, featuring the latest weather conditions. 

  • Create event-specific reports: Tailor reports for particular weather events to inform decision-making during critical situations. See more information on that in our guide for creating aviation weather reports for airport networks.

  • Communicate with stakeholders: Customize reports to communicate effectively with both internal and external stakeholders, providing them with the insights they need.


Below you’ll find the basics or report creation, sharing and automation. Also be sure to check out this step-by-step guide to Weather Report, and see an example of a report.


1. Report Creation

A report can be created by any account admin. Simply add from a variety of templates and ready-to-use widgets to create your report. You can always add your own assets and customize the report.


Adding widgets to your report


  • Daily Forecast Widget: This widget provides an overview of the weather for a single location. For multiple locations presentation, add each individually.


  • Weather Table Widget: Choose from a selection of templates, with the general weather template being the most versatile. It initially includes numerous parameters, which you can later customize. The table shows daily or hourly values and highlights significant weather elements like strong winds or high humidity.


  • Trends and Charts: Create trends for specific parameters like temperature and precipitation at selected locations. Charts for wind speed and gusts can also be added.


  • Hard Coded Text: This feature allows for the addition of static text to your report, useful for daily instructions or notes.
  • Formatting and Images: Text can be bolded, highlighted, or linked. Bullet lists and images can be uploaded, but note that these elements won't be automated.
  • Textual Summary with Gale*: Begin your report with an AI-generated summary of current conditions. This includes a daily update on weather parameters like rain and temperature at your selected locations - supports up to 75 locations; The top 5 most impacted locations are added automatically.
  • Summarizing Tables with Gale*: Use Gale to generate summaries for your tables, providing a high-level overview of conditions for your selected timeframe.

*These abilities are only available to users with access to Gale, our premium AI weather assistant. Interested in learning how to integrate Gale in your business operations? Get in touch with our team at


  • Map Capture:

Automatic Map Images: Generate map images that reflect a specific timeframe.

Grid Customization: Choose up to six grids to display in a single image.

Layer Customization: Personalize your map layers and add up to 15 layers at once.

Value Filtering: Apply filters to showcase specific weather values.

Tile Colors: Adjust tile colors to enhance visual clarity.

Legend Display: Choose whether to show a legend for each layer.

Template Library: Access a collection of pre-made templates to streamline your map creation.

Supported Layers: Most weather layers are supported except for surface fronts, satellite clouds, and Global Radar.

  • Customize your content: Add your own maps, weather data, and narrative summaries to convey your message.

  • Set automation rules: Decide how frequently you want your report to update and go out to recipients.


2. Report Sharing

The share button allows to send the report to others, using one of the methods:

  • By copying the link and sending to the desired recipients.

  • Via Email, will email a link and any comments you would like to the list of recipients.

Weather Reports allows sharing your reports easily, using relevant viewing permissions:

  • Public links: Generate links to share with external parties, providing access to your weather insights. Useful for sharing with 3rd parties or management who hasn’t join the platform yet.

  • Private distribution: Keep your reports within your organization for internal strategizing and planning.

  • When sharing a report with “my account only”, users have to be logged in to their account in order to see their report:


3. Report Automation

Set your weather reporting on autopilot by:

  • Scheduling reports: Choose when and how often your reports are generated and sent out.

  • Template management: Update your template to refresh the design and content of your automated reports.

*Please note privacy restrictions of automated reports:

  • Automated reports can only be created by account admins.

  • Automated reports can only be sent to account users.

  • Users must be logged in to view automated reports.

For further questions or usage feedback (yes please!) reach out to your account manager or!

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