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Gale is a generative AI weather assistant crafted to convert extensive meteorological data into clear weather summaries and personalized recommendations. It's developed to cater to a broad spectrum of industries, including aviation and transportation, ensuring that diverse business needs are met with concise weather insights.

The Gale suite includes:

Gale Chat

By processing vast meteorological datasets, Gale offers personalized weather summaries, alerts, and recommendations tailored to your specific needs. Simply type your query about forecasts, current weather (Nowcast), or specific Gale summaries in a conversational manner.

Example Queries for Gale:

Nowcast for immediate weather conditions affecting flights or outdoor activities:

What weather conditions should I expect from today's flight between 7PM - 8PM from JFK airport?Are there any expected weather conditions in Denver today that could affect the outdoor sports event schedule?

Forecasts for anticipating weather-related delays at transportation hubs or event venues.Any weather expected at London stadium this weekend that may affect events?Do you anticipate weather-related delays in ATL airport tomorrow?

You can also save predefined questions in the Gale chat.

Users can follow up with additional questions or request more detailed insights. Learn more about Gale Chat.

Please Note: Gale Chat currently does not support queries related to climate trends, historical weather data, or specific operational questions outside general weather information.

Gale Summary in Weather Reports

Gale extends its capabilities to Weather Reports, a tool enabling you to create, customize, and distribute weather reports effortlessly within your organization.

Textual Summary with Gale: Begin reports with AI-generated summaries detailing current conditions and forecasts for your locations.

Summarizing Tables with Gale: Use Gale to create concise overviews for your data tables, simplifying complex weather information.

For detailed instructions on creating and customizing reports using Gale within Weather Reports, refer to our guide.

Interested in integrating Gale into your operations for advanced weather intelligence? Reach out to our sales team at or contact your account manager for more information and assistance.

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