With the weather forecast changing on a daily basis, how do users know which forecast is most accurate?

Aya Tofach
Aya Tofach
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Tomorrow.io's forecast models are a blend of public and proprietary model sources, and our weather team is continuously validating and improving our foundational data assimilation and modeling techniques to ensure we continue to provide the most accurate forecast.  

Additionally, we perform in-house post-processing to downscale, blend, and calibrate the models into our consolidated, global NWP forecast, so that it reflects the best forecast possible both short term and 15 days out.

Due to the state of the science, there is inherently both model and forecast uncertainly with NWP, and as such causes the nonlinear error of forecast predictions to increase over time. Volatility in the forecasts can occur during particular transitions or patterns that push the limitations of even the most advanced NWP models, but we have developed our One Forecast (1F) solution to provide the best possible forecast in the face of these challenges. 

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