How is the Flood Index Derived?

Aya Tofach
Aya Tofach
  • Updated’s flood index has the following methodology

  1. Leverage of existing distributed hydrologic models:

  • More coarse global hydrological models that cover all areas

  • Regional models that capture more river networks and operate on an hourly basis

  • Use of proprietary hydrological models for regional analysis

2. Use of statistical methods in conjunction with historical re-analysis to derive flood thresholds

  • Use of decades worth of hydrological modeling analysis with proprietary techniques

  • Proprietary methods scale and are cloud-based

  • Location-independent and does not require dense hydrologic and flood observations

  • Validation against observations where they exist

    • Incorporating a growing database of flood observations and hydrologic datasets to calibration and improve flood predictions’s Proprietary Flood Data Product Layers include:

      • Global Flood Index - 9km - Daily forecast going out 5 days. 

      • Global Streamflow - 9km - Daily Forecast going out 5 days

      • Conus Flood Index - 1km - Hourly forecast going out 18 hours for short-term prediction

      • Conus Streamflow - 1km - Hourly forecast going out 18 hours for short-term prediction

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