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Map layers on Tomorrow.io are designed to enhance your visualization of different weather conditions directly on the interactive map. Each layer provides specific information about various weather parameters, helping you to monitor and plan according to real-time and forecasted weather data.


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Available Map Layers

  • Precipitation: Offers street-level resolution globally, indicating areas impacted by rain, snow, or freezing rain.
  • Precipitation Accumulation: Displays accumulated precipitation over a specified period, helping in flood prediction and water resource management.
  • Dynamic Wind: Visualizes global wind patterns, showing wind direction and speed.
  • Thunderstorm Probability: Available to all users, this layer indicates the likelihood of thunderstorms in different areas, enhancing severe weather preparedness.
  • Active Fires and Fire Index (Premium): Identifies high-risk wildfire areas and current fire warnings globally.
  • Radar + Satellite: Combines still radar and satellite imagery, updated every 5 minutes for timely weather updates.
  • Lightning (Premium): Forecasts 15 and 30-minute lightning threats, including cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud strikes, with range rings.
  • Hail (Premium): Provides forecasts and current conditions for hail, helping to anticipate severe weather impacts.
  • Aviation (Premium, US Only): Features extensive flight tracking and weather context for airports and flights within the United States.
  • Severe Weather Events (US Only): Shows ongoing severe weather events as issued by the National Weather Service, exclusively within the US.
  • Tropical Cyclones (Premium): Tracks and forecasts tropical cyclones, providing vital information for storm preparedness and response.
  • Surface Fronts Forecast (Premium): Visualizes atmospheric fronts, aiding in understanding weather changes and planning.
  • Flood Index (Premium): Assesses the potential for flooding in specific areas, crucial for disaster response and management.
  • Air Quality (Premium): Monitors air pollution levels, providing essential information for health and environmental awareness.
  • Maritime (Premium): Tailored for maritime operations, this layer includes oceanographic and meteorological conditions.
  • Soil (Premium): Displays soil moisture and temperature, important for agriculture and environmental monitoring.
  • Solar (Premium): Offers insights into solar radiation levels, essential for the energy sector and solar power management.
  • Transportation (Premium): This layer provides weather-related insights critical for managing transportation systems and infrastructure. It uniquely features the capability to showcase the real-time locations of customers' trucks on the map, enhancing logistics and operational planning during various weather conditions.

Enabling Premium Layers

To access premium layers such as Lightning, Aviation, or Tropical Cyclones, or to learn more about these advanced features, please contact your account manager or our customer support at support@tomorrow.io.

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