What settings and controls are available on the map?

Aya Tofach
Aya Tofach
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There are a number of different settings that allow you to control the way you interact with the map.

The control keys are found on the center left-hand side of the map, above the timeline view.

Each user has the option to select the map’s background, switching from dark, light, or satellite mode. All views work in the same manner so simply choose the best fit for your operational purpose. 

The + or - buttons can be used to zoom in on the map to a specific area of interest. You can also do this by scrolling inwards with your mouse. By right-clicking on the map, you can also slant the view. Click the reset button to the left of the zoom icons to reset at any time.

By selecting the building icon, you can see where buildings are located in order to determine how the weather is impacting specific infrastructure. This is important in metropolitan areas where weather may have a direct impact on many buildings, structures, etc.

The TV mode puts the map into full screen and removes all controls. This can be used to project current weather conditions on a big screen in a meeting room or control center. 

The legend provides an explanation for the different parameter colors displayed on the map.

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