What type of locations are available on the map?

Aya Tofach
Aya Tofach
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Three types of locations can be saved on the map in your Tomorrow.io environment: points, polygons, and polylines.

A point is a single address location that is represented on the map as a purple star. You can save a point location by entering the exact address or by providing the latitude and longitude coordinates.

A polyline is a string of coordinates that creates a straight line connecting several points. It is represented by a purple line on the map and tends to span over rivers, highways, state lines, etc. The max size for a polyline is 70km.

A polygon is also a string of coordinates but it outlines a larger area and does not create a straight line. It can ensure multiple buildings or addresses within a certain vicinity are all being monitored. The max size for a polygons is 500 sqkm.

Both polygon and polyline locations can be added through geometry code.

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