What are the different type of user roles available?

Aya Tofach
Aya Tofach
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Tomorrow.io has 3 different users roles:

  1. Account Admin:

    1. Admins users have the ability to make any needed changes, modifications, or additions to the accounts set-up. This includes but is not limited to, creating insights and alerts, adding locations, and inviting new users.

  2. Standard:

    1. Standard users have the ability to access and view all Tomorrow.io features and capabilities within the platform. This includes but is not limited to, monitoring insights dashboards, reviewing the trends page, acknowledging alerts. However, unlike the admin user, they cannot make edits or additions to the environment’s configuration.

  3. Notification:

    1. Notification users can get an email and/or text notification from the Tomorrow.io platform; however, they do not have the ability to view more information within the environment.

Contact support@tomorrow.io to make any changes to your user status.

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