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  • Updated’s platform offers detailed wind data through its Dynamic Wind Layer and specific wind measurement parameters. This comprehensive wind data is crucial for sectors such as aviation, marine, energy, and outdoor event planning, where understanding and anticipating wind conditions is essential for operational safety and efficiency.

Dynamic Wind Layer

The Dynamic Wind Layer on’s platform visualizes wind patterns in real-time, showing wind movement across different regions. This layer helps users visually track wind speed and direction changes, enhancing situational awareness and forecasting accuracy.

Accessing Dynamic Wind Layer on the Platform

  • Navigate to the bottom left part on the interactive map.
  • Click on the "Dynamic Wind" toggle to visualize the layer on the map:

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 14.55.50.png

Wind Measurement Parameters

Parameter Description
Wind Speed

Measures the speed of air moving from high to low pressure areas, typically resulting from temperature variations.

Measured at a standard height of 10 meters above the ground.

Wind Direction

Indicates the origin of the wind, measured in degrees clockwise from due north.

Direction is recorded at 10 meters to standardize measurement across various locations.

Wind Gust

Records brief increases in wind speed, lasting less than 20 seconds, providing insights into peak wind conditions.

Like wind speed and direction, gust measurements are taken at 10 meters.

Accessing Wind Data on the Platform

To monitor the wind parameters on the platform:

  • Navigate to the "Trends" sub-tab on the platform.
  • Click on the different wind parameters toggles to visualize the wind layer (green/yellow) on the map:

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 15.14.19.png

API Access for Developers

Developers can integrate wind data into their applications using’s API. This integration facilitates automated alerts and enhances operational planning by incorporating real-time and forecasted wind conditions. For detailed guidelines on accessing and using the wind data through our API, please visit our API documentation

*For more information on how to use to these features, please contact our support team at

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