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Tomorrow.io Team
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Tomorrow.io has expanded the coverage of our Hail Index to include the contiguous United States, Canada, and parts of Northern Mexico. This tool is crucial for monitoring and predicting hail events, helping users proactively manage the risks associated with hail.

Hail Index Features

  • Coverage: The Hail Index now covers a broader geographic area, extending beyond Canada to much of North America, including the contiguous United States and Northern Mexico.
  • Usage: The index forecasts the probability of hail (0 - not probable, 1 - probable) with hourly updates up to 48 hours ahead. Users can set up alerts and insights to anticipate and mitigate potential damage.

Platform Access to the Hail Index

To view the hail risk assessments on the platform:

  • Navigate to the "Trends" sub-tab on the Tomorrow.io platform.
  • Click on the "Hail Potential" toggle to visualize the hail layer (purple) on the map:

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 13.50.33.png

API Access for Developers

Developers can integrate the Hail Index into their applications using Tomorrow.io's API, which provides detailed guidelines for effective use. For more information on accessing and utilizing the Hail Index through our API, visit our API documentation

*Please note that the Hail Index is available as a premium feature. For detailed access and to understand how it can assist in your operations, please contact your account team or our sales team at sales@tomorrow.io

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