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  • Updated offers detailed solar radiation data, which is crucial for sectors such as renewable energy, agriculture, and environmental management. This data helps users understand and predict the amount of solar energy that reaches the Earth's surface, facilitating better planning and decision-making for solar-dependent activities.

Key Solar Parameters Provided

Parameter Description

Solar Global Horizontal Irradiance (solarGHI)

Measures the total amount of shortwave radiation received from above by a surface horizontal to the ground
Solar Direct Normal Irradiance (solarDNI) Represents the direct component of GHI, quantifying the sunlight that reaches the Earth's surface without being scattered
Solar Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance (solarDHI)

Measures the diffuse component of GHI, which includes all solar radiation that reaches the ground after being scattered by the atmosphere

Accessing Solar Data on the Platform

Solar data parameters are easily accessible through the platform by navigating to the "Solar" menu in the "Trends" sub-tab. Users can visualize these parameters on our interactive maps or integrate them directly into their operational systems:

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 13.24.24.png

API Access for Developers

Developers can utilize’s comprehensive API to integrate solar radiation data into their applications. Our API provides extensive documentation and support for easy integration. For more details, please visit our API documentation

*Please note that our detailed solar radiation data are part of’s premium offerings. For access to these data layers and to learn more about how they can benefit your operations, please contact our sales team at

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