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NextGen™ is an advanced forecasting system designed to enhance decision-making capabilities through improved weather prediction models. This guide provides an overview of NextGen™, its key features, and how to utilize these features effectively.

Accessing NextGen™

To switch between the Classic and NextGen™ views:

  1. Toggle Feature: Locate the toggle switch on your dashboard. This allows you to switch between the Classic view and NextGen™.
  2. Select NextGen™: Activate the toggle to switch to the NextGen™ view for enhanced probability data and improved map visualizations.

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Key Features of NextGen™

  • Probability Forecasts: NextGen™ provides probability forecasts that help predict the likelihood of various weather conditions, aiding in comprehensive planning and risk management.

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  • Enhanced Map Visualizations: Experience clearer and more detailed forecasts with enhanced map visualizations, showing updated probability data directly on your operational maps.

NextGen Dashboard2.png

Using NextGen™ Effectively

  • Forecasting: Leverage the probabilistic data for detailed scenario planning. Use the enhanced visual tools for a better understanding of potential weather impacts.
  • Operational Planning: Utilize the dual-view capability to compare Classic and NextGen™ forecasts, optimizing your operational strategies according to the most relevant data.

Integrating with Existing Systems

For users of the Customizable Baseline for Atmospheric Modeling (C-BAM), please note:

  • Mode Switching: NextGen™ does not currently support C-BAM data in its enhanced mode. Switch to Classic view to access C-BAM data.
  • Data Compatibility: Ensure compatibility by toggling between modes as needed to access specific data sets.

If you require access or need additional information about NextGen™, please reach out to your account manager or our sales team at

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