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Tomorrow.io Team
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We're excited to announce a new feature tailored specifically for our aviation industry customers. The Flight Schedule feature integrates flight visualization directly into your dashboard. Currently supporting US flights, the tool is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of flight activities, including takeoffs and landings, within the next 24 hours at any airport location saved in your dashboard.

flight scedeule.png

How it works

  • Activating the Flight Layer: Begin by toggling on the flight layer through your dashboard settings to access this feature.
  • Airport Locations: Ensure you have your actual airports of interest saved using the airport layer for accurate flight visualization.

flights toggle.png


  • Impact Indicators: The visualization includes dot indicators over each airport location, signifying the expected number of flights impacted by weather insights. The number of dots (one to three) indicates the level of impact.
  • In-depth Flight Details: Hover over any dot to view specific flight details, including takeoff and landing times. Clicking on these indicators brings up a side panel with comprehensive flight information.

Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 10.45.53.png


Feature Highlights

  • Recommended View: While available in both day and week views, the day view is recommended due to its granularity, which aids in more precise information gathering.
  • Data Source: This feature leverages the FAA SWIM feed, ensuring you receive the most current and accurate flight data available.
  • Integration with Calendar Events: This feature works seamlessly alongside Calendar Events, enriching your dashboard with a broader operational context and customizable alerts based on your specific data feeds.

For activation guidance or to discuss coverage expansion, reach out directly to your account manager or contact support@tomorrow.io.

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