Lightning Updates: January 2024 Team Team
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We are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to our Lightning Map Layer!

New Capabilities:

1. Updated Icon Colors: We’ve changed the icon colors from yellow to a more distinct hue, enhancing clarity and user experience.

2. Addition of an Investigation Phase: Users can now add up to 30 minutes of historical lightning data on the map, offering a more dynamic and informative view of storm movements. When clicking on the timeline (from Now-future), we will freeze the tiles and turn them gray, along with a disclaimer. This will enable users to view the most recent lightning strikes.



3. Play Tiles Feature: A new function allowing users to view historical lightning data and observe  storm movements over time. This feature will greatly enhance the understanding of storm patterns and progression, providing a valuable tool for analysis and planning.


Check out the brief overview of the new updates here:

For more details or assistance with using the lightning features, please contact your account team or reach us at

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