Visualize Precipitation Impact Over Time with Accumulation Map Tiles (November 2023) Team Team
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Accumulation map tiles, available as an add-on now for all customers, allow you to advance your operational planning by easily visualizing projected precipitation totals over flexible timeframes.


Configuring Accumulation Map Tiles

To start using accumulation tiles:

  • Select a location and navigate to the Weather tab

  • Choose Snow, Rain, or Ice data layers

  • Access the Accumulation selector and pick a timeframe

  • Generate color-coded precipitation accumulation forecast maps

  • Adjust parameters and review projected totals


Benefits of Using Accumulation Map Tiles

By leveraging accumulation tiles, your team can:

  • Analyze trends: Assess precipitation patterns across regions to identify the most at-risk areas. Use daily or hourly forecasts tailored to your needs.

  • Share actionable intelligence: Consolidate projected rain, ice, and snow data into shareable map visualizations for coordinated awareness.

  • Guide decisions: Access 15 days of past and predicted accumulation at any location to gauge event severity, model scenarios, and guide responses.


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