Satellite Data Updates: October 2023 Team Team
  • Updated is successfully capturing and delivering data directly from our growing satellite constellation. We’re so excited to now begin offering it in various formats, starting with our raw satellite data product. Here’s what you need to know:


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What is our new satellite data offering?

We are offering access to sample datasets of raw weather satellite data from our Pathfinder satellites. This is a highly technical product intended for advanced users like government agencies and research institutions.


What will satellite data look like for commercial enterprises?

We are developing an advanced next-gen software solution to integrate our satellite data with models and analytics tailored to specialized business needs and complex operating environments. This will provide customized analytics beyond our core platform's capabilities.



I submitted a request for satellite data samples. Does this make sense for my company?

The raw data samples are meant for technical users. Most commercial enterprises would benefit more from the integrated insights our next-gen software provides.


Who is the next-gen software designed for?

It is intended for enterprises with niche needs or complex use cases that require going beyond our core platform's robust capabilities. The next-gen software is an advanced offering, not essential for every customer.


Still have questions? Learn more about our satellite mission overall here, and in the recent documentary “6 Years to Launch” here

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