What are the different types of Notification channels available?

Eric Wert
Eric Wert
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Each user can choose their own notification preferences.

To access those, click on your initials in the bottom left → User Settings → Notification Tab.

Tomorrow.io currently offers -

  1. In-App Notifications, See this article for more info.

  2. Browser Notifications

  3. Email Notifications

Mobile -

  1. Tomorrow.io Mobile App

  2. SMS Notifications (requires a valid phone number in the Profile tab in User Settings)

  3. WhatsApp Notifications - PREMIUM FEATURE. This option will only show up if your admins purchased this feature (requires a valid phone number in the Profile tab in User Settings). *Reach out to your account manager or support for more info on this premium feature.

*Important to note that if WhatsApp notifications are purchased, a user can choose SMS or WhatsApp (not both).


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