Can I receive in-app notifications?

Eric Wert
Eric Wert
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A relatively new capability,’s platform now offers in-app notifications for alerts that are set up in the account!

Users will see notifications toast inside the platform as new alerts are being triggered. In addition, the locations that alerts are coming in for will beacon to mark where the user should pay attention to. This also works in TV mode!

*Beaconing will not be shown on clusters, only on point locations, polygons, polylines

Users can turn this off from their users settings if they don't want to see these notifications.

Important Notes:
  • Users must grant permissions for to send notifications both in their browser settings (an option to approve will pop up when enabling this feature) as well as permissions in their OS system preferences for the browser to send notifications (see below)

Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 10.25.54 AM.png




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