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Gale is our advanced weather and climate AI assistant, designed to process vast meteorological datasets into concise weather summaries, alerts, and personalized recommendations. This tool leverages generative AI to provide precise and actionable weather insights.

Engaging with Gale

Interacting with Gale is straightforward:

  • Start: Type your weather-related question in simple, conversational language.
  • Response: Gale analyzes your query and provides relevant weather information, which may take up to approximately 30 seconds initially.
  • Clarification: If necessary, Gale may request more details to refine its response.
  • Further Interaction: You are encouraged to ask follow-up questions to gain more detailed information.

Accessibility: Activate Gale by using Command K or the “Ask Gale” option at the top of every page, or by clicking the dedicated icon.

Example Queries You Can Ask Gale:

Nowcast Questions:

  • What are the expected weather conditions for today's flight from JFK airport between 7 PM and 8 PM?
  • What is the weather forecast for tonight's soccer match at the stadium in Manchester at 9 PM?

Forecast Questions:

  • Are there anticipated weather-related delays at Atlanta airport this weekend?
  • What weather conditions are expected at London stadium this weekend?

*Gale does not currently support questions about long-term climate trends, historical weather data, hurricanes, lightning, or probabilistic data.


Customizing Queries:

Save predefined questions for quick access under the "Example Questions" section, enhancing efficiency and user experience. For more details, see our guide on Customizing Gale Queries.


Severe Weather Alerts on Gale

Gale now includes real-time severe weather data integration, aimed at improving preparedness and awareness during adverse weather conditions.

*Coverage is currently limited to the US.


  • Interactive Queries: Directly ask Gale about imminent weather conditions. For example, inquire "Is there a storm expected at my location today?" to receive instant weather updates.
  • Access: Access this feature through Gale’s standard user interface.

Example Questions for Severe Weather Inquiries:

  • "Is there lightning expected at Hard Rock Stadium today?"
  • "What is the probability of storms and strong winds in Kobe, Japan right now?" (Note: Coverage is currently limited to the US.)
  • "Are there any severe weather alerts for Chicago today?"
  • "What are the forecasted conditions for the hurricane approaching Miami?"
  • "Can I expect hail in Dallas this afternoon?"
  • "Is there a risk of flooding in New Orleans over the next 24 hours?"
  • "Will there be severe thunderstorms in San Francisco this weekend?"

Data Sources for Tropical Cyclone Tracking

Gale’s capabilities in tropical cyclone tracking are enhanced by data from:

  • National Hurricane Center (NHC): Tracks cyclones in the Central Pacific, Eastern Pacific, and Atlantic regions.
  • Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC): Provides tracking data for cyclones in other parts of the world, offering global coverage and enhanced forecasting precision.

*These abilities are only available to users with access to Gale, our premium AI weather assistant. Interested in learning how to integrate Gale in your business operations? Reach out to your account manager or get in touch with our team at

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