New Graphical Layers: May 2023

Eric Wert
Eric Wert
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You can now turn on new graphical layers in the platform. The three new available layers include Surface Fronts, Flight Tracks, and NWS Weather Type. 

  • Surface Fronts: Available for CONUS only from 6 hours to 7 days out.

    • Weather fronts play a vital role in aviation as they mark the boundaries where different air masses collide, resulting in significant changes in weather conditions. Understanding weather fronts is crucial for flight dispatchers as they can have a direct impact on flight safety, efficiency, and passenger comfort.

  • Flight Tracks: Get data for North Atlantic Tracks and US &Western Atlantic Tracks 

  • NWS Weather Type: New graphical and timeline layers for insights and alerts for dominant weather types 




These layers are especially impactful for industries like aviation, enabling teams to create customized visual reports on top of the map, enhancing overall situational awareness.

*Some layers require a license fee to access


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