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Lightning Flash Rate Density (LDFR)

LFDR is a forecasted global parameter essential for users to understand potential lightning activity. It predicts the number of lightning flashes per square kilometer/mile every 5 minutes, providing forecasts up to 90 hours ahead. It is important to note that LFDR does not offer real-time data; instead, it is calculated as the ratio of the total number of flashes in a grid cell to the area of that grid cell.

Important note: Lightning alerts are availble only for point locations, excluding clusters, polygons or polylines).

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Real Time Lightning Alerts in the Platform for a Monitored Location

Lightning alerts are managed in the platform for both cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning strikes.

Through the Alerts page, users can create new lightning alerts with configurable fields like lightning type, designated point locations, and proximity ranges. Users can also customize all-clear thresholds and designate alert recipients. Through the Alerts page, users will also be able to edit or remove an existing alert.

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Real-Time All Clear Alerts

This feature allows users to visually track the all-clear status for each triggered alert directly on the map. It is especially useful in point locations, cloud-to-ground (C2G), and cloud-to-cloud (C2C) scenarios.

Key Functionalities:

  • Real-Time All Clear Status: Track the all-clear status for each triggered alert in real time. This capability is vital for safety and operational planning in lightning-prone environments.
  • Lightning Alerts Countdowns and Rings: Presented as an additional map layer that can be toggled on through the lightning map layer menu, these visual tools help users monitor the time until an area is considered safe from lightning threats.
  • Location-Based Display: While rings are displayed only for selected locations and become visible at a certain zoom level, the countdown timer is visible at any zoom level, ensuring you have the information you need regardless of your map's scale.
  • Enhanced Countdown Timer: The countdown includes seconds to provide precise information about the remaining time until an area is declared all clear from lightning threats.

Activating Lightning Rings on the Map

To activate and view the lightning rings for real-time alerts, follow these simple steps:

1. Access the Lightning Map Layer: Begin by clicking on the lightning map layer on your map interface.

2. Toggle Countdown Alerts: You can activate the alerts by toggling on either the "Cloud to Cloud Countdown Alert" or the "Cloud to Ground Countdown Alert," depending on your needs. You also have the option to activate both simultaneously for comprehensive coverage.

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3. Zoom in to View Rings: Once the alerts are activated, zoom in on the map to see the rings clearly. These rings represent the areas affected by potential lightning activity.

4. Receive Real-Time Notifications: When a real-time lightning notification is issued via your preferred channel of notification (email, SMS, app notification), you will be able to see the countdown directly on the map. This countdown provides a visual representation of the time remaining until the area is clear from lightning threats, enhancing your ability to plan and respond effectively.

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*Please note that new alerts may take up to an hour to be activated.

For a more detailed understanding, please refer to our instructional video on the Lightning Countdown Timer feature:

Global Lightning Map Layer

The global lightning strikes layer allows users to view real-time lightning strikes across the globe at any given moment. This feature is essential for tracking current lightning activity and assessing immediate risks.

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Meaning of Icon Colors

The colors of the lightning icons on the map indicate the timing of lightning strikes:

Red: Lightning happening now

Purple: Lightning occurred up to 10 minutes ago

Light Blue: Lightning occurred 11 to 20 minutes ago

Gray: Lightning occurred more than 30 minutes ago


Investigation Phase

The platform now includes an Investigation Phase, offering up to 30 minutes of historical lightning data on the map. This feature allows users to review recent lightning activity, providing a more dynamic and detailed view of storm movements. When you click on the timeline, the tiles will freeze and turn gray, accompanied by a disclaimer, enabling you to view the most recent lightning strikes.

Play Tiles Feature

The new Play Tiles Feature enables users to view historical lightning data and observe storm movements over time. This functionality enhances the understanding of storm patterns and progression, offering valuable insights for analysis and planning.

If you have questions or require assistance, please contact your account manager or reach out to our support team at

*These features are exclusive to users with access to the Lightning Premium Layer. If you're interested in enhancing the resilience and adaptability of your operations against weather-related challenges, get in touch with our team at

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