What is the easiest way to manage my monitored locations?

Eric Wert
Eric Wert
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Access the locations page by clicking on the ‘Location Icon’ in the left navigation bar, choose a location you want to edit. This is the “One stop shop” for location management and monitoring. In this centralized space, users are able to monitor the location (or turn off monitoring), add/remove and edit insights, while also turning on/off insights and alerts tied to that location.


In addition, users can apply changes in bulk to many locations by choosing several locations and then editing Insights/Tags (if an insight is checked it is applied to all chosen locations, if the insight has a dash it is only applied to some of the chosen locations. You can click the dash to become a check, or click again to remove insight from those locations).  Once changes are made, they’re immediately applied to the Insights Dashboards, Views and the Map. 


Check out this video with more information and capabilities of Dashboards 2.0 -

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