Insight Dashboard Views: January 2023

Yuval Caspi
Yuval Caspi
  • Updated Platform Enhancement

Review All Locations in One Place With Monitors

Your new “one stop shop” for location management—all of your insights in one place, organized based on your unique needs.

Get an easier, faster and more intuitive way to manage locations, insights and alerts at the location level and at scale, across a wide network of operations.

  • Centralize management: Review, edit, and create locations and associated insights/alerts all from one new central location.
  • Better align with your business needs: Visual and adaptive customization that aligns to the needs of the business.

Make timely decisions: Seamlessly pause or activate seasonal or time sensitive insights and alerts (without deleting them entirely) in one click.


Product Specifications

Monitors are available within the Platform and house all location management.

  • Apply changes in bulk to many locations or at the individual location level.  
  • Immediately apply Monitors changes to Insights Dashboards and the Map. 
  • Easily add a new insight to the location(s) and/edit alerts tied to that insight

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