New Features Recap: December 2022

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As 2023 quickly approaches, we’re excited to share a recap of our latest product releases from the end of 2022.

From an enhanced version of our Unified Precipitation product to our Dashboards 2.0, our team has been hard at work bringing you the advanced tools you need to adapt to increasingly volatile weather at scale.


Next Generation v2.0 Unified Precipitation

We’re excited to share the release of Next Generation v2.0 Unified Precipitation—the second generation of our flagship Unified Precipitation capability. This update includes a latency improvement of 4 minutes and a seamless transition from NowCasting into our NWP Modeling.

These algorithm improvements will increase the accuracy of our precipitation products over the short-term forecast and allow us to process, model, and output precipitation data faster. This is currently released for the US. Stay tuned for more updates on the rollout of Next Generation v2.0 Unified Precipitation!


Forecast Weather Tiles on Map

Enhancement alert! Forecast weather tiles are now available for every timestamp and available on the timeline. These tiles are available on both the Weather and Dashboard tabs on the Map and can show forecasts up to 14 days in advance (depending on the weather parameters).


Dashboards 2.0

The next generation of weather impact monitoring is here: Introducing Dashboards 2.0—an upgrade to the Insights Dashboard you know and love with a new way of seeing the conditions you care most about.

Views allow you to quickly access and prioritize condition-based Insights at scale in one location, rather than toggling between multiple dashboards. The result? More time to focus on making faster decisions with a more intuitive organizational system.

Note that this feature is only available for some accounts. Contact your account team for access. Learn more in our Help Center here.


Email Digests

Want to see weather impact at a glance? Meet Email Digests. This new feature allows admins to generate a daily or weekly summary of expected weather impact for all locations right to their inbox based on custom views. Easily share the summary with the rest of your team to align everyone around the same weather data and prepare for impact using one single source of truth.

Note that this feature is only available with Dashboards 2.0. Contact your account team for details. Learn more in our Help Center here.



Platform Themes

Looking for a new-year refresh? We’re excited to now offer Light, Dark, and Classic (current) platform themes. Customize the platform’s appearance to your preferences (or branding) at any time.


We can’t wait to bring you more cutting-edge tools in 2023.

Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for more product content, best practices, and more. And as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.



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