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Visualizing Weather Data on the Map Page

The Map page is the central hub for visualizing all of’s weather data. This interactive platform combines real-time conditions with forecasted data to provide a comprehensive view of weather patterns.

Features of the Map Page

  • Weather Timeline: Located below the map, the timeline allows users to view specific weather parameters for different time frames, including Now, Today, Tomorrow, and This Week.
  • Map Layers: Users can access various dynamic layers such as wind patterns, severe weather advisories, radar, satellite imagery, and other premium content.
  • Map Settings/Controls: Customize your viewing experience with options like light or dark mode, satellite view, 3D buildings, and TV mode.
  • Legend: A handy tool to understand the color coding for each weather layer, making it easier to interpret the data displayed on the map.


Additional Tools for Monitoring

For users interested in more detailed insights, the Map page integrates with Dashboards and Monitoring tools. These features are designed to enhance the monitoring capabilities on the map, providing tailored insights based on user needs.

Trends Page: An Extension of the Map

Connecting Trends with the Map

The Trends page is a natural extension of the forecast timeline you see on the Map page. It expands your analytical capabilities by allowing comparisons of multiple weather parameters simultaneously. By using both the Map and Trends pages, users can gain a full spectrum of weather data and trends analysis, enhancing situational awareness and aiding in decision-making processes for various applications, from daily planning to critical operations management.

Advanced Functionalities of the Trends Page

  • Simultaneous Parameter Analysis: Analyze various weather parameters at once to see how they interact and what impact they have on the overall forecast. This tool simplifies complex data analysis, making it accessible for all users who need to assess multiple weather variables in one coherent view.

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  • Temporal and Spatial Analysis: Utilize both the timeline and map viewer to observe the evolution of thunderstorm threats over time and across different regions. This feature allows you to visualize and track the progression of potential thunderstorms effectively.
  • Actionable Insights: Generate actionable notifications based on conditions that indicate a significant threat, helping you to initiate timely response actions.

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